Tue Oct 06 2020

Data & Drinks: now it's personal, a talk about reinforcement learning

We are thrilled to announce that Data & Drinks is back! Our webinar and networking session will be held on October 14th, 2020 at 5:40 pm with special guest speaker Konrad Banachewicz.

Konrad is a professional data wrangler and Kaggle master with a PhD in Statistics from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In the decade since obtaining his PhD, he has become an expert in the lifetime of a data product cycle.

Konrad: “Everybody talks about AI these days, but how many of the solutions mentioned genuinely involve learning? Sure, there are plenty of results being published about DeepMind beating Starcraft - and most Atari games have been mastered by reinforcement learning algos a while ago - but what about actual business applications?”

In this talk, Konrad will give an overview of how you can apply associative reinforcement learning to a real-world problem: online content personalisation (and stay within budget, because of open source).

Join our event through our MeetUp page and make sure to get some drinks and snacks ready!