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Our story

Why are we so passionate about data?

We strive daily to add value to the world by accelerating the datafication of everything. We know the potential that data & AI have to transform businesses. That’s why we’ve developed all of our services with one specific goal in mind: to support our clients during their data & AI journey.

What is Xomnia?

Xomnia is a native data & AI company in the Netherlands. We excel at empowering organizations to create maximum value out of data at every step in their journey to data dominance – from initial development to integration and maintenance of data platforms and predictive solutions.

We do this through four core products/services: Xomnia’s academy enables and further develops the data-driven capabilities of your own employees. We deliver long term data science and & engineering capacity through our junior development program. For companies that need an experienced team to deliver project-based results we have our X-Force projectteam. And for companies in need of a temporary capacity boost, we share our experienced big data experts with you through our consultancy.

In Xomnia you will find a full-service data & AI partner to realize your data-driven ambitions.

What’s up with the name Xomnia anyway?

Xomnia combines the letter ‘X’ – the unknown in an equation – and “Omnia” – Latin for everything. Which for us exactly fits what we do – our team of Data Scientists and Data Engineers are trained to find the undefined in all the relevant data sources. We know that hidden in that unknown is untapped business value. These concepts are central to the Xomnia spirit: eager, curious and dedicated. We share the belief that the future is data and we are building that future now.