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XomniaNewsXomnia’s self driving boat nominated for Digital Innovation Award 2018
digital innovation award

Xomnia’s self driving boat nominated for Digital Innovation Award 2018

ICT journal Computable has nominated Xomnia’s self-driving boat for the Digital Innovation Award 2018.

Why is Xomnia nominated?

The car industry is well on its way with the first self-driving cars. But what about self-driving boats? Xomnia has built the first self-driving boat that works entirely on artificial intelligence. A world premiere! Xomnia proves that you can make a self-driving boat with a minimal budget, several cameras, and a deep learning application.

Nominated by:

In total ten digital innovations have been nominated by a group of thirteen experts. These are Ron Bloksma (Land Registry), Anthony van Geest (Intermediate Information Technology), Leendert Hinds (Tata Steel), Stefan van Hoof (Lifesize), Victor van der Hulst (VX Company), Mendel Koerts (Ensead Advisory), Niels Lagerweij ( DXC Technology), Armand Lejeune (Webkalf ICT Services), Marc Maas (QNH Consulting), Ruud Mulder (Dell EMC), Jos van Rooyen (Identify), Marc Somberg (Chipsoft) and Kees Wiegers (Mednova / Wiegers Consultancy).

Other nominees

Xomnia competes with projects of DAF Trucks, Van Dorp Installations, Maersk, Rijkswaterstaat, Child Healthcare Solutions, Achmea, and Microsoft, as well as joint pathways of Brain Technology Institute and Info Support and a combination of the Reinier de Graaf Hospital, the Pieter van Foreest Nursing Home and Momo Medical.

The winner?

The winner will be announced on October 30. For more information about our self-driving boat, please reach out to To vote for the Computable Awards, please visit their website.

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