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XomniaNewsXomnia hires Rubik’s cube champion

Xomnia hires Rubik’s cube champion

We think it’s pretty awesome if you can break a world record and finish a Rubik’s cube in under 5 seconds. If you also happen to be a data scientist that’s super friendly, we fall in love pretty quickly! After chatting with us for several years, Mats Valk has joined Xomnia as a data scientist with a special mission.

Mats will be taking part in the World Cube Association World Championship in Melbourne this July, and will be sharing his knowledge about Rubik’s cubing with his fellow Xomnians, our clients, and everyone else interested in the run up to the event.

“I’m excited to start at Xomnia because I have the chance to work with young, fun, energetic people. Plus, I get to share cool stuff about Rubik’s cubing and take on the challenge of the World Championship in Melbourne,” said Mats.

Here’s Mats in action breaking the world record in November 2016:

Look out for future blog posts from Mats about Rubik’s cubes including tips and tricks, and preparation for the World Championship.

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