Xomnia is a word combining the letter ‘X’ – the unknown – and “Omnia” – Latin for everything. Our team of data scientists and big data engineers are trained to find the undefined – X – in all the relevant data sources – Omnia. This unknown – X – is untapped business value. Combining the X and Omnia you get the Xomnia spirit. Eager, curious and dedicated people, who have the belief that the future is big data.

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XomniaNewsXomnia Fest, our 5-year anniversary party

Xomnia Fest, our 5-year anniversary party

Imagine a festival inspiring TechTalks to combine it with bingo, karaoke, and dance! And you get a Xomnia Fest. What a happening! Take a look at the pictures or watch the aftermovie to feel the Xomnia Fest vibe.


We want to thank you, Rajat Thomas and Florijn de Graaf for your inspiring TechTalks.
Rajat told us all about how NASA, the American space agency launched a satellite called the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) with multiple instruments onboard that measure different physical properties of the sun. One of the crucial instruments on SDO malfunctioned after a few years of observations. Along with an international team that Rajat led, they used deep learning approaches to virtually revive the instrument and additionally improved upon the physics they know about the Sun. The talk highlighted some of their achievements.

Florijn gave us a TechTalk about The SmartHood: the self-sufficient neighborhood. A SmartHood is a neighborhood in which al food, water, and energy flows are circularly connected. As a resident of a SmartHood, you generate all your electricity and heat sustainably, purify your own (sewer) water for reuse, and grow your own vegetables and fish through an aquaponics system.

After the inspiring TechTalks of Rajat and Florijn the partners of Xomnia opened the dance floor to all our friends and families.

Once again, thanks all for joining our journey of the first five years of Xomnia, up to the next five.


Xomnia Fest Photo’s

Enjoy the photo’s.

Thanks to Jeroen Roest for the amazing photo’s

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