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XomniaNewsX-Talk 3 | 100WEEKS on fighting extreme poverty

X-Talk 3 | 100WEEKS on fighting extreme poverty

Last Friday was Xomnia’s third X-Talk! This time we heard the inspiring story of 100WEEKS, a charity that aims to lift families out of extreme poverty. Speakers Yvonne van Dalen and Kathi Abraham highlighted 100WEEKS’ unique, personal approach, and co-founder Gitte Büch was there to answer any questions.

Giving back is a priority for Xomnia (see our Xomnia Cares initiative), and we are very thankful that 100WEEKS came by to show us their way of contributing to a better world. It’s amazing to see how meticulously the organization tracks progress of the families they support, and the stories the data tells.

To find out more about how 100WEEKS makes a difference, and how you can support them, check out their website!

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