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XomniaNewsRitchie Vink: From solving puzzles & connecting the dots to Pydata
Ritchie Vink

Ritchie Vink: From solving puzzles & connecting the dots to Pydata

This Sunday Ritchie Vink is speaking at Pydata on building Facebook’s prophet in PYMC3; Bayesian time series analysis with Generalized Additive Models.

He’s worked at Xomnia for almost 2 years as a data scientist and big data engineer and in his spare time he likes to blog about his side projects as a way to help others learn about machine learning and big data.

His passion for machine learning and automation came from working as a structural engineer. A big part of the work he did required a lot of repetition and manual typing, so Ritchie decided to try and automate it.

“I like the challenges in technology and trying to solve a problem by deep diving into it to try and get it to click, and it made sense to write about my projects so that other people could learn too” said Ritchie.

He has sound words of advice for anyone who is looking to start a career in data engineering or data science. “Explore the internet, practice a lot, and come up with questions and try to solve them,”

Check out his blog post, and more information on the event can be found here. See you Sunday!

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