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XomniaNewsTurning up the heat on data scientists to reduce the energy footprint at Xomnia

Turning up the heat on data scientists to reduce the energy footprint at Xomnia

What if you could create a more sustainable workplace by checking the wifi to see how many people are in a room and adjusting the temperature accordingly? That was one of the suggestions that came from teams of data scientists working on a kaggle at Xomnia on Friday.

“Kaggle is an organization set up by Google where data scientists come together to solve a data problem. Normally when we do a kaggle, we enter one of the competitions they have on their website but this time we wanted to focus on Xomnia and our own data.” said Jorren Bosga, Lead Sustainability and Data Scientist at Xomnia.

The challenge: to reduce the energy footprint at Xomnia, based on the data collected on wifi, electric, gas, temperature, headcount and the weather. The data scientists were split into teams and they had one day to come up with pitches to solve the issue using data. At the end of the day, they would present their idea to senior data scientists who would choose a winner.

With a total of 8 teams, there were suggestions like implementing insulation and even moving office to improve sustainability. The winning team presented the idea to change the temperature based on how many people were connected to the wifi. Congratulations to Sven, Rukshar, Ilse, and Sebastiaan.

Are you interested in doing stuff like this and becoming a Xomnia data scientist or engineer. Check out our careers page to apply to one of our open vacancies.

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