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XomniaNewsPartygoers unite! Borrel AI app – vote on the next song
Borrel AI app Xomnia

Partygoers unite! Borrel AI app – vote on the next song

When you’re at a party, you want to hear your favourite music. That’s why Xomnia created an app called Borrel AI where you allow the partygoers to select the next song by voting on it. We had the idea to create the app, because Geert, our resident DJ isn’t always available and we wanted to make sure that the party goes on and on and on.

“Our parties were awesome before, but now partygoers stay even longer. They now have an influence over the music. We created one full playlist, and one empty playlist. People can vote on four random songs from the full playlist, and then the winning song gets added to the empty playlist, and is played as the next song. This is repeated over the course of the evening,” said Dustin.

The app has been created in flask, which is a responsive web page that you can view on your mobile or laptop, combined with the Spotify API. With more features coming up (like Spotify recommendations), it’s set to change parties as we know it. Unfortunately it’s not (yet) available to download in the app store to enjoy for your own parties.

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