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XomniaNewsMax Bijkerk: T500 nominee for outstanding work in tech

Max Bijkerk: T500 nominee for outstanding work in tech

You might be wondering what the T500 is, and why it’s important to Xomnia. Well, we’ll tell you why. Max Bijkerk, a Xomnia data scientist trainee has been shortlisted as one of the most ambitious young talents working in tech in the Netherlands.

The T500 is organised by The Next Web aimed to find and develop Dutch talent under the age of 26. In February, Max sent out his application. There were more than 1,500 applicants, and Max was successful.

He was chosen because of his outstanding work in tech including working with the Red Cross to develop an algorithm to allow a fair distribution of donations in poor countries. Another project he’s worked on is a social platform called Parabase which allows flyers to log and share their experiences using a flight computer.

Current projects include an app which crowdsources the most distilled pieces of knowledge in language: Proverbs. He’s also working at Xomnia to try and find out how data will change the world.

“It’s really exciting for a Xomnian to be nominated as one of the top young people in tech. It’s a great opportunity for him and we’re proud that his hard work is being recognized.” said Ollie Dapper, founder at Xomnia.

So, what’s next for Max? Well, at the moment he’s working at Technische Unie for Xomnia, and has ambitions to grow and learn more about data and AI.

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