Xomnia is a word combining the letter ‘X’ – the unknown – and “Omnia” – Latin for everything. Our team of data scientists and big data engineers are trained to find the undefined – X – in all the relevant data sources – Omnia. This unknown – X – is untapped business value. Combining the X and Omnia you get the Xomnia spirit. Eager, curious and dedicated people, who have the belief that the future is big data.

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XomniaNewsComputable: “Xomnia, the ‘force majeure’ in artificial intelligence”
Xomnia force majeure Computable

Computable: “Xomnia, the ‘force majeure’ in artificial intelligence”

Xomnia has come first in the field of artificial intelligence and machine / deep learning in Computable’s employer survey for ICT organisations 2019. Described as a ‘force majeure’ by Computable, Xomnia is leading the way for artificial intelligence.

A total of 3,436 people participated in the Computable employer survey and more than 317 ICT companies were assessed. The average final grade for IT companies was 8.16. With an average score of 9.08, Xomnia came 8th overall.

‘We are so proud that Xomnia has ranked in the top 10 of the overall survey as a complete newcomer this year,’ Ollie Dapper, founder at Xomnia.

ICT organisations were invited to assess the organisation they work at. The survey asked about the degree of satisfaction with their career development and career opportunities at the employer, the appreciation that the employer shows for its employees and of course the general satisfaction with the ICT employer, among other things. 

Xomnia also scored highly on advice / consultancy, being an innovative workplace, the mobility sector, and education & training. Coupled with this, high scores in work challenge, secondary work conditions, overall satisfaction, culture and growth & career possibilities opened up the door for a high overall score and entering in the top 10.

To find out more about the survey results head to Computable to see more.

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