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XomniaNewsA-Eskwadraat is the winner of the Stop Cyberbullying Datathon

A-Eskwadraat is the winner of the Stop Cyberbullying Datathon

The winner of the Xomnia Datathon Stop Cyberbullying is A-Eskwadraat.

What did they create in 24h? Team A-Eskwadraat created a game: Grabbers.

Lukas Arts on behalf of the team: ‘Grabbers is a mobile game which simulates a social media platform. Instead of advertising this game as such, we developed a gameplay which draws the attention of children. In this game, a community communicates through a social media platform on which bullying occurs. The player is a spectator of this bullying and learns tips n’ tricks via a close friend in the game. This close friend gains the trust of the player and will also ask subtle questions about his/her well-being. From these questions, we extract a profile of the player and provide him with advice accordingly.’ 

The team explained their solution at Omroep WNL Goedemorgen Nederland (5:15 min).

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We would like to thank all the teams who fought cyberbullying for 24h straight and our partners ARAG and Stichting Stop Pesten Nu

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