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XomniaNews Data ScienceDeveloping a model for predicting cardiac arrhythmia – Thomas

Developing a model for predicting cardiac arrhythmia – Thomas

Our data science trainee Thomas had some time off from his work at UMC Utrecht and decided to temporarily join forces with Amsterdam UMC. He assisted Mark, a researcher in the cardiology department, in developing a model to predict cardiac arrhythmia in adults with a congenital heart defect.

The model is based on data from the eHealth system and is being developed as part of the ‘Hartwacht’ programme of  Focuscura and Cardiologie Centra Nederland. Preliminary results show that regular blood pressure measurements are very helpful in predicting heart arrhythmia, highlighting the importance of measuring blood pressure at home.

Thomas is now back at UMC Utrecht to finish the last months of his traineeship, where he will work on a project aimed at reducing antibiotic resistance originating from urine samples that were unnecessarily cultivated.  We wish him the best of luck!


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