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Xomnia Datathon: Stop Food Loss & Waste

XomniaClassesXomnia Datathon: Stop Food Loss & Waste

Xomnia Datathon: Stop Food Loss & Waste

Artificial Intelligence the solution for food waste?

Yearly 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted worldwide. It is a challenge to completely understand this complex problem and find a solution to counter this waste. Coming weekend 10 teams of talented students will search for an innovative solution that could contribute to reducing the waste of food. All participating students have a background in studies like Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. With the help of data analyses and their knowledge they will compete to come up with the best solution to battle this problem.

Big data company Xomnia, located in Amsterdam, organises a Datathon twice a year in order to tackle different social issues. For this year’s edition, the problem of food loss and food waste has been chosen in collaboration with The World Bank by the NL Partnership “Food For All”. In addition, the World Bank is world’s biggest institute for development cooperation.

Students look for a solution to food waste in 24 hours

The Xomnia Datathon is a competition of 24 hours where different teams are competing to find the best solution for a social concern by smartly using data and Artificial Intelligence.

Wijnand van IJssel, Senior Advisor Food Security at the World Bank: “ The global availability and security of having food is for both the Netherlands and the World Bank a policy priority. The demand of food in continuously increasing with the growing world population, whereas the waste of food is enormous. A deeper insight of where, how much and why food is wasted and getting lost is the beginning for purposeful interventions”

Stijn de Gooijer, Data Scientist at Xomnia: “The Xomnia Datathon is a unique way to generate new and creative insights on a social topic. The global scale and complexity makes food loss and waste a firm challenge that comes with a great variety of datasources. Artificial Intelligence helps to translate this into meaningful insights from which action can be taken. We hope to be able to contribute to the reduction of food loss and waste issues.

Saved food for the participants

Also, during the 24 hours of the datathon only saved food will be consumed. The company, called Instock, will cater the students. Instock has restaurants in The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam. The chefs of Instock prepare their meals with unsold products of local supermarkets that would otherwise be lost. Besides the search for solutions to tackle food loss and waste, the Xomnia Datathon is also an important event to create awareness around this problem. Also, Xomnia wants to show that Artificial Intelligence can contribute to solving social issues.

May 19 @ 12:30 — May 20 @ 15:30

Raamstraat 7-1, Xomnia’s office

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Sander Baris