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Xomnia Web Profiler

Xomnia Web Profiler

Xomnia has developed a web profiling plug-in that measures mouse activity of the visitors on that webpage. Xomnia Web Profiler differs from clickstream collectors since it doesn’t only measure ‘clicks’ but the full spectrum of web visitor behavior. Advanced analytics are then used to learn useful information from this data. Website installation costs less than an hour.

Measured activities

The web profiler plug-in measures the full range of user actions, including whether the visitor has clicked or hovered over a certain website element, whether the window of the website is in focus and when he leaves. This information is stored along with the current time, the mouse position, the id of the html element, and some other details to enable visitor identification.


Using this web profiler plug-in combined with advanced analytics we gain more insight into a company’s clients, measure the effectivity of online marketing campaigns, and optimize the company’s efforts.

Web profilerThe big blob of data that is collected by the web profiler plug-in will be converted to useful information that give insight into clients’ personal preferences, what products they are interested in, and when they are susceptible to certain advertisements.

Another possibility is to model the behavior of visitors over an extended period of time to learn about what types of activities indicate a high probability that a customer will churn. Measures can then be taken to convince this customer to stay.

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