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Web scraping

Web ScrapingXomnia's web scraping service

If you want to automatically collect data  from the world wide web Xomnia’s Web Scraping Service is what you need. Our Web Scraping Service is powerful, reliable and smart.

By mimicking human behavior we are able to extract – and interpret – all relevant publicly available data.

Data extraction empowers data analysis. Leveraging our Artificial Intelligence knowledge Xomnia will develop tailored – self learning – algorithms categorizing the data into information the way you need it.

The ‘deliverable’ is an API / data feed supporting your business with the desired data. Thanks to our powerful web scraping architecture  we can extract, process and deliver huge amounts of data on a real time basis.

To tease your imagination:

  • scrape products from retailer or manufacturer websites to display on your own website
  • scrape products from retailer or manufacturer websites for specs/price comparison
  • scrape job ads from many ATS (Application Tracking System) to build online directories or provide better targeted ads to their customers
  • scrape product reviews from retailers to detect fraudulent reviews
  • scrape news websites to apply custom analysis and curation (manual or automatic)

Curious about our web scraping service? Get in touch and challenge us to extract the information you would like to apply in your business!

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Please take a look at our dedicated big data traineeship website. Keen on knowing more about us? Xomnia is a big data analytics firm based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are experts in data science, big data engineering and advanced business intelligence. Our services include: big data consultancy & projects, big data training and big data traineeships. We’d love to share our big data knowledge with you, please get in touch.