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QlikView RapidMiner Connector

QlikView RapidMiner Connector

QlikView RapidMiner Connector

Early 2015, Xomnia launched the two way integration connector between RapidMiner and QlikView. With this connector, RapidMiner is the Predictive Analytics platform of choice when it comes to selecting an partner for integrating Predictive Analytics capabilities into QlikView.

Two-way integration, though technology-wise being the most complex method for integration between both platforms, yields the most comprehensive and complete solution for the majority of Predictive Analytics use cases offering the largest value added for QlikView users.


The key benefit to the user is that they are able to make selections within QlikView that drive predictive outcomes back into QlikView in a seamless manner, presenting a selection driven “immediacy” akin to any other typical selection within the context of a previously loaded QlikView application user interface. Two-way integration makes Advanced Analytics possible in QlikView, offering a whole new potential of analysis capabilities.



ClassificationChurn models classify customers based on their risk of leaving, which allows an organization to effectively prevent churn and mitigate risk of eroding revenues.
Advanced forecastingPlanning and controlling supply chains in retail and manufacturing companies, e.g. to forecast product sales or commodity demands in different scenario’s.
ClusteringCustomer segmentation by applying advance cluster analyis tot segment customers into groups according their behavior and other characteristics.
Outlier detectionOutlier detection encompass fraud detection, anti-money laundering and production anomaly detection.
Text AnalysisSentiment analysis and tonality scoring, document classification, document clustering, similarity computation, keyword and topic extraction, document querying methods, and so on.


Retrospective vs Prospective view

In organizations with ever increasing data volumes and complexity of analysis, QlikView RapidMiner Connector integration offers the ability to visualize and achieve predictive intelligence (QlikView), run predictive analytics processes based on this intelligence (RapidMiner), and then operationalize the outcomes in an automated manner, delivering results back to QlikView. The business can then use the power of QlikView to ensure that they act upon each and every prediction.

Commercial availability?

We built this connector because we as Xomnia needed it in client projects. We are willing to share the connector on a commercial basis with QlikView or RapidMiner partners. Please contact us for more info.

Retroperspective vs Prospective

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