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Big Data Traineeship

Big Data Traineeship

Under the label Xomnia Talents, we provide Big Data Traineeship programs in the disciplines that we master. Late 2015 we started with our Data Science Traineeship. This is an intensive one-year program to kickstart the career of talented Artificial Intelligence or Business Analytics graduates (MSc) as a Data Scientist. Big data traineeship programs for other disciplines that Xomnia breathes, for example Big Data Engineering Traineeship, will follow early 2017.

During any traineeship program, the trainees will be working 4 days a week at a client and 1 day a week at Xomnia’sLogo's Talents HQ.

Xomnia provides weekly training and support sessions on technical, business, and project management skills. The trainee is backed up at all times by Xomnia’s Data Science team to ensure full access to the right knowledge and support. Even though we only launched this program as recently as late 2015, we are proud to have the following reference clients that take part in this program already.

Alumni trainee about the traineeship

Laurens Koppenol wrote a blog about his traineeship adventure at ProRail where he is currently employed.

Can we help you?

Please take a look at our dedicated big data traineeship website. Keen on knowing more about us? Xomnia is a big data analytics firm based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are experts in data science, big data engineering and advanced business intelligence. Our services include: big data consultancy & projects, big data training and big data traineeships. We’d love to share our big data knowledge with you, please get in touch.

References for Big data traineeship

ProRail Decos
ProRail Predicitive models for rail defects and trespassers

ProRail is the infrastructure manager of the Dutch Railways. Xomnia has helped us in developing predictive models for… Continue reading »

Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Machine learning & Predictive modelling

Industry Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

Xomnia has helped us very well with setting up our DataLab, by providing data science talents (traineeship proposition) and infrastructure expertise.

Paul van der Voort Program manager DataLab

Awesome traineeship at the Royal Netherlands Air Force

The Royal Netherlands Air Force is a modern, high-tech armed forces Service that contributes to peace and security… Continue reading »

Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science

Industry Military

​With his data science capabilities Wouter made right from the start a difference at Airbase Eindhoven of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. The guidance from Xomnia made it even more applicable. A talented Xomnia trainee, thanks Xomnia.

Eduard de van der Schueren Innovationsmanager AIR

Decos Two data driven solutions by Xomnia trainees

Decos Technology Group believes that mankind is able to create a better world. They apply there knowledge and… Continue reading »

Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science, Text Mining

Industry Information Technology Services

Without the training and guidance the traineeship had to offer, our two data science trainees Kasper en Katherine at Decos wouldn’t have made the crucial steps in our exploring phase with data science.

Roel Noort Chief Innovation Manager

Xomnia Trainee

The @Leisure Group is one of the largest players in the European online market for accommodation rentals, such… Continue reading »

Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science

Industry Leisure, Travel & Tourism

We are an international and fast growing company always looking for talented people. There is a lot of opportunity for (personal) growth and this is also one of the reasons why we are a big fan of the training and coaching approach of Xomnia. In addition, our trainee has helped out a great deal with our data science capabilities.

Bret Kelly Chief Technology Officer

Two Xomnia Trainees

DELTA supplies energy, infrastructure and digital services. DELTA is inseparable from its home base in Zeeland: on the… Continue reading »

Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science

Industry Utilities

Two guys, the Xomnia Trainees, since October last year are for us the perfect way to get data science more incorporated in our daily business. Xomnia is commited on the guidance and brings the best to Delta.

Michel Koornstra Head of Trading

Xomnia support the municipality of Nijmegen with a trainee

Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands, is situated on a range of hills near the River Waal…. Continue reading »

Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science

Industry Government

We feel very lucky with our trainee. With his open mind and innovative way of working with data he made it possible to make a step forward in a data driven organisation.

Paul Geurts Big Data Pioneer

Xomnia supports the Dutch National Police with two trainees

The Dutch National Police Force consists of over 50,000 people, committed to serving their local communities with the… Continue reading »

Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science

Industry Law enforcement

The senior guidance our trainee gets from Xomnia helps both the trainee as well as us to brings the use of data science on a higher level within our challenging and complex organization.

Ron Boelsma Innovation Manager