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Advanced Healthcare Business Intelligence

Cordaan provides care and assistance to people who are in need of help, but still live at home. Each of Cordaan’s clients has their own file in which the client’s condition is written down in a non-standardized way. Xomnia classified the non-standardized text, combined the information from all these files and visualised them in a user-friendly Microsoft Power BI dashboard. The dashboard provides Cordaan with an environment in which a variety of users can find useful information. The dashboard built by Xomnia opens up discussions and provides Cordaan with insights in possible methods to improve their service.

Microsoft Power BI, Text Mining


Thanks to Xomnia we are able to retrieve strategic information out of unstructured data visualized in an easy-to-use dashboard. Great experience to work together!

Ellen Maat Directeur Strategie Kwaliteit & Innovatie