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Xomnia trains data analysts at VolkerRail

VolkerRailFor large infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, waterworks or railway tracks data science begins to play an increasingly important role. Powerful algorithms make it possible to predict future failures. This allows infrastructure managers to bet on preventive maintenance. This fits well with the new contract types in the industry where smart maintenance is encouraged. At VolkerRail data analysis is already an important asset of the organization. Xomnia supports the data analysts to gain more in-depth knowledge.

Big Data opportunities

‘Replacing or repairing, for example, of a switch on the track before it actually breaks reduces the downtime of the switch significantly. That’s good news for travelers and for the efficiency of VolkerRail’ says Dirk Bothof, Manager Data Analysis at VolkerRail.

Share best practices

The data science experts of Xomnia give the data analysis team training about the most effective machine learning techniques and other best practices in data science. ‘It’s a very exciting challenge to work with the data analysts and share our experience to achieve the best in-depth results. Sharing knowledge to add more value to an organization is one of our values. Together we will think of possible improvements’ says Marius Helf, Chief Data Scientist at Xomnia.

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Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise Machine learning & Predictive modelling, Text Mining

Industry Recruitment

The data of Randstad is a strategic asset. Xomnia enables us to unleash its business value

Martijn Imrich Product Owner Market Exploration and Forecasting at I-bridge a Randstad Company

Xomnia supports the Dutch National Police with two trainees

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Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science

Industry Law enforcement

The senior guidance our trainee gets from Xomnia helps both the trainee as well as us to brings the use of data science on a higher level within our challenging and complex organization.

Ron Boelsma Innovation Manager

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Services Big Data Training

Expertise QlikView & QlikSense

Industry Retail

By using our data and tailoring the program to our needs, the training was extremely relevant to our business. Consequently we had a fully engaged, highly interactive group of employees from all over the world, who are now able to apply and use their newly acquired knowledge

Ruud Jansen Head of Business Intelligence

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Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise Machine learning & Predictive modelling, Text Mining

Industry Automotive

Xomnia offers our conservative automotive branche a new view on innovation. We look at their idea’s as thinking different or out of the box. They are not being distracted by a legacy of business approaches in our branch from the past. Their primary focus and effort goes to going ahead fast, with focus and youthful enthusiasm. The result is a fast and inspiring learning process, with sometimes disappointing but often amazing results. Always hire guys smarter than you 😉

Joop Geelen Owner

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Services RapidMiner

Expertise Machine learning & Predictive modelling, RapidMiner

Industry Marketing & Advertising

What I appreciated so much in the collaboration with Xomnia?
Their open mindedness and support in finding the right way to collaborate and answer our needs. The expertise on the usage of Rapidminer and the hands-on approach.
Our collaboration feels like a partnership much more than a ‘supplier-relation’, and for us, DBM, the human fit is very important in doing ‘business’ together

Claudine Knop CEO

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Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise Text Mining

Industry Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Thanks to Xomnia we can analyze our customer survey data in an unprecedented way

Leonie Zoet Marketing Intelligence Manager

Almere Understand and test-drive the possibilities of big data

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Services Big Data Fundamentals program

Expertise Data Science

Industry Government

Xomnia’s Big Data Fundamentals has helped us to understand and test-drive the possibilities of big data for the Municipality of Almere. During an intensive three days course, we learned in both theory and practice how to apply big data in the social domain.

Mathijs Tuynman Research Project Manager

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Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise QlikView & QlikSense, Text Mining

Industry Publisher

We were surprised by the deep but accessible insights provided by Xomnia

Stijn Kuijpers Manager Marketing Intelligence

Decos Two data driven solutions by Xomnia trainees

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Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science, Text Mining

Industry Information Technology Services

Without the training and guidance the traineeship had to offer, our two data science trainees Kasper en Katherine at Decos wouldn’t have made the crucial steps in our exploring phase with data science.

Roel Noort Chief Innovation Manager

Survey, sentiment and text analysis to understand neighbourhoods

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Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise QlikView & QlikSense, Text Mining

Industry Publisher

Xomnia did a great job within an extreme time-constraint of just 4 weeks

Angelique Brinkman Manager Marketing Research & Development