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#TBT 6th BigDataGemeenten event

#TBT Last week we had our 6th BigDataGemeenten (Municipality) event. We went sky high to the 40th floor at ‘De Rotterdam’ building. At the event we discussed how to address big data questions, what lessons have we learned so far? And what do we do if a project is done? What do we do with the results? We’d agreed that organizations in the social domain need to work together more often. We also went out of the municipality box and had a session of the DataLab of ProRail. We would like to thank our speakers and our co-host Gemeente Rotterdam. Do you want to join the BigDataGemeenten platform? Good news, you can sign up here > and stay tuned.


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Decos TUI
Decos Two data driven solutions by Xomnia trainees

Decos Technology Group believes that mankind is able to create a better world. They apply there knowledge and… Continue reading »

Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science, Text Mining

Industry Information Technology Services

Without the training and guidance the traineeship had to offer, our two data science trainees Kasper en Katherine at Decos wouldn’t have made the crucial steps in our exploring phase with data science.

Roel Noort Chief Innovation Manager

Data Driven Soccer Training & Player Selection

Vitesse is a Dutch football team competing on a national level. In order to select only the best… Continue reading »

Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise QlikView & QlikSense

Industry Sports

TUI Advanced survey analysis through text mining

TUI is an international leisure-travel company. They constantly strive to surpass their customers’ expectations. When doing proper customer… Continue reading »

Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise Text Mining

Industry Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Thanks to Xomnia we can analyze our customer survey data in an unprecedented way

Leonie Zoet Marketing Intelligence Manager

Cross & upsell recommendation

For Travic International (Cheap Tickets) Xomnia built a model that predicts which cross and upsell is eligible for… Continue reading »

Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise Machine learning & Predictive modelling

Industry Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Great bunch of highly skilled data scientists, it was a pleasure working together

John Davidson BI and Data team manager

Xomnia support the municipality of Nijmegen with a trainee

Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands, is situated on a range of hills near the River Waal…. Continue reading »

Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science

Industry Government

We feel very lucky with our trainee. With his open mind and innovative way of working with data he made it possible to make a step forward in a data driven organisation.

Paul Geurts Big Data Pioneer

API Prediction Models – House Price Prediction and Credit Risk Analysis

Consumatrix is a provider of financial consumer data & predictive models and transforms data from open sources, surveys,… Continue reading »

Expertise Deployment service, Machine learning & Predictive modelling

Industry Finance, Real Estate

The flexibility of Xomnia has been a great advantage in the development and maintenance of our prediction models. The team knows how to adapt to a changing environment and integrate new gained insights in a flexible way.

Luke Liplijn Founder & CEO

Consolidating financial reports & sharing knowledge

Janssen & Fritsen has a focus on physical education. Their quality is well-known, also beyond the domestic borders…. Continue reading »

Expertise QlikView & QlikSense

Industry Sports

It’s a pleasure working together with Xomnia. Their fast response solving issues and willingness to share knowledge makes them valuable as an analytics partner.

Carl Padberg Senior AX/ERP Specialist JF Group

Advanced Healthcare Business Intelligence

Cordaan provides care and assistance to people who are in need of help, but still live at home…. Continue reading »

Expertise Microsoft Power BI, Text Mining

Industry Healthcare

Thanks to Xomnia we are able to retrieve strategic information out of unstructured data visualized in an easy-to-use dashboard. Great experience to work together!

Ellen Maat Directeur Strategie Kwaliteit & Innovatie

Burglary predictor

For the municipality of Utrecht, Xomnia has built a model that predicts the occurrence of burglaries in each… Continue reading »

Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise Machine learning & Predictive modelling

Industry Government

Working with Xomnia has given our project a kick-start. We value their transparent and cooperative way of working

Geerte van Rije Beleidsonderzoeker

Custom made RapidMiner Radoop training

NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) enables secure connections and infrastructure for a smarter world, advancing solutions that make… Continue reading »

Services RapidMiner

Expertise Machine learning & Predictive modelling, RapidMiner

Industry Semiconductors

The gained understanding helped us to make a well informed choise both technology- and business case wize. Xomnia’s trainers shared their knowledge from their own practical experience, which gave us a solid look behind the scenes. Next to their knowledge and experience, it’s their enthusiasm really setting them apart.

Henk van den Elsen Manager R&D IT DES Competence Center