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Meet our first Big Data Booster, Mark Booster

It’s all in the name, let’s meet our first Big Data Booster, Mark Booster! Mark, can you tell us what you do as a Big Data Booster? ‘As a Big Data Booster, I will be involved in the branding of our platform Big Data Gemeenten, expanding the university network and our traineeships. Currently, I am working on something very exciting but we can’t announce it yet. But stay tuned… So as a Big Data Booster I will give a boost to the platforms we are working on.’ Mark that sounds awesome, welcome aboard!

Big Data Booster

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24 April 2017

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Xomnia trains data analysts at VolkerRail

20 April 2017

For large infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, waterworks or railway tracks data science begins to play an… Continue reading »

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11 April 2017

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Electrolux Decos
Electrolux Big data journey kick-start for Electrolux in Stockholm

Electrolux is a global leader in home appliances, based on deep consumer insight and developed in close collaboration… Continue reading »

Services Big Data Fundamentals program

Expertise Data Science

Industry Consumer Goods

Kick-start of our big data journey.!! Two days of inspirational training with a great balance between theory and practical application.
Martijn and Gijs from Xomnia thanks for an excellent experience!

Paul Mol Global Finance and IT Director Purchasing

Awesome traineeship at the Royal Netherlands Air Force

The Royal Netherlands Air Force is a modern, high-tech armed forces Service that contributes to peace and security… Continue reading »

Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science

Industry Military

​With his data science capabilities Wouter made right from the start a difference at Airbase Eindhoven of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. The guidance from Xomnia made it even more applicable. A talented Xomnia trainee, thanks Xomnia.

Eduard de van der Schueren Innovationsmanager AIR

Custom made RapidMiner Radoop training

NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) enables secure connections and infrastructure for a smarter world, advancing solutions that make… Continue reading »

Services RapidMiner

Expertise Machine learning & Predictive modelling, RapidMiner

Industry Semiconductors

The gained understanding helped us to make a well informed choise both technology- and business case wize. Xomnia’s trainers shared their knowledge from their own practical experience, which gave us a solid look behind the scenes. Next to their knowledge and experience, it’s their enthusiasm really setting them apart.

Henk van den Elsen Manager R&D IT DES Competence Center

Law enforcement optimisation

For the municipality of Amsterdam, Xomnia built a user friendly dashboard to optimise law enforcement. Xomnia harvested data… Continue reading »

Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise Machine learning & Predictive modelling, QlikView & QlikSense

Industry Government

Xomnia empowers our organization with newly gained knowledge that is retrieved out of our own data. We now independently utilize this, without the need of any further technical knowledge or external support. Great job guys, thanks!

Rienk Hoff Managing Director – Gemeente Amsterdam, Handhaving en Toezicht

Decos Two data driven solutions by Xomnia trainees

Decos Technology Group believes that mankind is able to create a better world. They apply there knowledge and… Continue reading »

Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science, Text Mining

Industry Information Technology Services

Without the training and guidance the traineeship had to offer, our two data science trainees Kasper en Katherine at Decos wouldn’t have made the crucial steps in our exploring phase with data science.

Roel Noort Chief Innovation Manager

Predicting the day value of cars

For Geelen Projects, which focuses on the implementation and support of ICT processes in the car sale branche,… Continue reading »

Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise Machine learning & Predictive modelling, Text Mining

Industry Automotive

Xomnia offers our conservative automotive branche a new view on innovation. We look at their idea’s as thinking different or out of the box. They are not being distracted by a legacy of business approaches in our branch from the past. Their primary focus and effort goes to going ahead fast, with focus and youthful enthusiasm. The result is a fast and inspiring learning process, with sometimes disappointing but often amazing results. Always hire guys smarter than you 😉

Joop Geelen Owner

Two Xomnia Trainees

DELTA supplies energy, infrastructure and digital services. DELTA is inseparable from its home base in Zeeland: on the… Continue reading »

Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science

Industry Utilities

Two guys, the Xomnia Trainees, since October last year are for us the perfect way to get data science more incorporated in our daily business. Xomnia is commited on the guidance and brings the best to Delta.

Michel Koornstra Head of Trading

Burglary predictor

For the municipality of Utrecht, Xomnia has built a model that predicts the occurrence of burglaries in each… Continue reading »

Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise Machine learning & Predictive modelling

Industry Government

Working with Xomnia has given our project a kick-start. We value their transparent and cooperative way of working

Geerte van Rije Beleidsonderzoeker

API Prediction Models – House Price Prediction and Credit Risk Analysis

Consumatrix is a provider of financial consumer data & predictive models and transforms data from open sources, surveys,… Continue reading »

Expertise Deployment service, Machine learning & Predictive modelling

Industry Finance, Real Estate

The flexibility of Xomnia has been a great advantage in the development and maintenance of our prediction models. The team knows how to adapt to a changing environment and integrate new gained insights in a flexible way.

Luke Liplijn Founder & CEO

Xomnia supports the Dutch National Police with two trainees

The Dutch National Police Force consists of over 50,000 people, committed to serving their local communities with the… Continue reading »

Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science

Industry Law enforcement

The senior guidance our trainee gets from Xomnia helps both the trainee as well as us to brings the use of data science on a higher level within our challenging and complex organization.

Ron Boelsma Innovation Manager