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We develop our predictive solutions, among others, in Python, R and RapidMiner. We offer a number of hosting options, including:

  • A Hadoop stack, managed by our partners SURFsara and Vancis
  • Amazon Web Serviceswindows-azure-logo
  • Microsoft Azure

Deployment is available on site or in the (private) cloud.


Dutch jurisdiction

If hosting within Dutch jurisdiction is important to you, then our Dutch partners SURFsara or Vancis are relevant to you. In collaboration with SURFsara and Vancis, Xomnia can tackle Big Data projects using High Performance Computing. This enhances Xomnia’s reach and along with a Hadoop backbone boosts our ability to offer clients state-of-the-art solutions. Of course, there are a number of other Big Data technologies that are essential for Xomnia’s Big Data analyses.


Can we help you?

We’d love to share our big data knowledge with you, please get in touch! Keen on knowing more about us? Xomnia is a big data analytics firm based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are experts in data science, big data engineering and advanced business intelligence. Our services include: big data consultancy & projects, big data training and big data traineeships.