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Big Data Engineering

Big Data Engineering

Putting your big data predictions into production

So you have one or more Predictive Models. That’s great, because you now know where the value is. But to reap the benefits you have to deploy the models in a production environment. Only then you execute the business case and justify the investments in Data Science. Big Data Engineering - data factoryThis is where Big Data Engineering comes in. It’s the often overlooked phase of the handover from Data Scientists to Data Engineers. You want this handover to be as smooth and fast as possible to free up valuable time and attention of the Data Scientists. And to reap the business benefits every day, hour or millisecond.

Therefore an important part of Xomnia’s work is the integration of project solutions into the client’s architecture. This means that our job goes beyond just advanced analytics: in realizing a project, data infrastructure plays an integral part, and that is why we have been actively expanding our expertise and possibilities in the area.

We offer you the full route to start reaping the business benefits. Our approach involves four steps:

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Can we help you?

We’d love to share our big data knowledge with you, please get in touch! Keen on knowing more about us? Xomnia is a big data analytics firm based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are experts in data science, big data engineering and advanced business intelligence. Our services include: big data consultancy & projects, big data training and big data traineeships.

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The flexibility of Xomnia has been a great advantage in the development and maintenance of our prediction models. The team knows how to adapt to a changing environment and integrate new gained insights in a flexible way.

Luke Liplijn Founder & CEO

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Xomnia succesfully delivered our vision on how to make our content even more accessible in a tailor made text mining solution. Thanks for helping us out!

Christiaan Henny Founder