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Advanced Business Intelligence

Advanced Business Intelligence

Advanced Business Intelligence

Traditional Business Intelligence platforms often fail to live up to user expectations. At Xomnia, we guide organizations to shift from traditional IT-led enterprise reporting to a modern, Advanced Business Intelligence (BI) analytics platform. Advanced BI embraces Big Data Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. These enable you to:

  • work with huge amounts of data
  • in all kinds of formats (like images and text)
  • from every possible source
  • predict future events and generate best actions
  • automate decision making processes

We position Advanced BI as flexible information exploration and interactive visualisation, often over complex data retrieval and analytical processes. We believe it is critical to gain a good understanding and a user friendly (interactive) overview on what actually is going on. Thanks to Advanced BI, the IT role changes. Instead of waiting for users to come up with the requirements for the next dashboard, IT can give insight in the available information and how to use and process this information. This empowers the business with self-service analytics. Advanced Business Intelligence helps to:

  • simplify deep and rich analytics
  • ensure your platform is performing optimally
  • empower business people with the information they need for decision making
  • deliver the user a smooth, easy, and reliable experience
  • shift from IT-led enterprise reporting to business-led self-service analytics

In most of Xomnia’s projects – even POCs – we use Advanced Business Intelligence in this way. Xomnia delivers expertise in the 3 leading self service Business Intelligence platforms (Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence 2016):

  • Qlik (Sense and QlikView)
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau

Xomnia shares its Advanced Business Intelligence competencies via the same services we use to share our Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Engineering knowledge: consultancy, training, traineeship, and products.

Can we help you?

We’d love to share our big data knowledge with you, please get in touch! Keen on knowing more about us? Xomnia is a big data analytics firm based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are experts in data science, big data engineering and advanced business intelligence. Our services include: big data consultancy & projects, big data training and big data traineeships.

References for Advanced Business Intelligence

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Services Big Data Training

Expertise QlikView & QlikSense

Industry Retail

By using our data and tailoring the program to our needs, the training was extremely relevant to our business. Consequently we had a fully engaged, highly interactive group of employees from all over the world, who are now able to apply and use their newly acquired knowledge

Ruud Jansen Head of Business Intelligence

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Expertise QlikView & QlikSense

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It’s a pleasure working together with Xomnia. Their fast response solving issues and willingness to share knowledge makes them valuable as an analytics partner.

Carl Padberg Senior AX/ERP Specialist JF Group

Advanced Healthcare Business Intelligence

Cordaan provides care and assistance to people who are in need of help, but still live at home…. Continue reading »

Expertise Microsoft Power BI, Text Mining

Industry Healthcare

Thanks to Xomnia we are able to retrieve strategic information out of unstructured data visualized in an easy-to-use dashboard. Great experience to work together!

Ellen Maat Directeur Strategie Kwaliteit & Innovatie

Survey, sentiment and text analysis to understand neighbourhoods

The Persgroup (Newspaper Algemeen Dagblad) started a research to discover how Dutch citizens thing about important topics such… Continue reading »

Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise QlikView & QlikSense, Text Mining

Industry Publisher

Xomnia did a great job within an extreme time-constraint of just 4 weeks

Angelique Brinkman Manager Marketing Research & Development

Law enforcement optimisation

For the municipality of Amsterdam, Xomnia built a user friendly dashboard to optimise law enforcement. Xomnia harvested data… Continue reading »

Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise Machine learning & Predictive modelling, QlikView & QlikSense

Industry Government

Xomnia empowers our organization with newly gained knowledge that is retrieved out of our own data. We now independently utilize this, without the need of any further technical knowledge or external support. Great job guys, thanks!

Rienk Hoff Managing Director – Gemeente Amsterdam, Handhaving en Toezicht

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Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise QlikView & QlikSense, Text Mining

Industry Publisher

We were surprised by the deep but accessible insights provided by Xomnia

Stijn Kuijpers Manager Marketing Intelligence

Data Driven Soccer Training & Player Selection

Vitesse is a Dutch football team competing on a national level. In order to select only the best… Continue reading »

Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise QlikView & QlikSense

Industry Sports