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Xomnia B.V.

Raamstraat 7-I
T: 020 772 84 25
KVK: 57245886
BTW: NL852499450B01
IBAN: NL76 KNAB 0254 9388 84

Decos Almere
Xomnia supports the Dutch National Police with two trainees

The Dutch National Police Force consists of over 50,000 people, committed to serving their local communities with the… Continue reading »

Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science

Industry Law enforcement

The senior guidance our trainee gets from Xomnia helps both the trainee as well as us to brings the use of data science on a higher level within our challenging and complex organization.

Ron Boelsma Innovation Manager

Big Data Fundamentals program

The Royal Netherlands Air Force is the military aviation branch of the Netherlands Armed Forces. As a data… Continue reading »

Services Big Data Fundamentals program, Big Data Training

Industry Military

The Big Data Fundamentals of Xomnia provided us a shared understanding of the Big Data terms and concepts.
It helped our discussion and was a good basis to explore our options

L.J. (Jeroen) Snel Majoor


Xomnia developed a solution for Randstad to determine if someone’s job loyalty can be predicted based on a… Continue reading »

Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise Machine learning & Predictive modelling, Text Mining

Industry Recruitment

The data of Randstad is a strategic asset. Xomnia enables us to unleash its business value

Martijn Imrich Product Owner Market Exploration and Forecasting at I-bridge a Randstad Company

Decos Two data driven solutions by Xomnia trainees

Decos Technology Group believes that mankind is able to create a better world. They apply there knowledge and… Continue reading »

Services Big data traineeship

Expertise Data Science, Text Mining

Industry Information Technology Services

Without the training and guidance the traineeship had to offer, our two data science trainees Kasper en Katherine at Decos wouldn’t have made the crucial steps in our exploring phase with data science.

Roel Noort Chief Innovation Manager

Consolidating financial reports & sharing knowledge

Janssen & Fritsen has a focus on physical education. Their quality is well-known, also beyond the domestic borders…. Continue reading »

Expertise QlikView & QlikSense

Industry Sports

It’s a pleasure working together with Xomnia. Their fast response solving issues and willingness to share knowledge makes them valuable as an analytics partner.

Carl Padberg Senior AX/ERP Specialist JF Group

Advanced Healthcare Business Intelligence

Cordaan provides care and assistance to people who are in need of help, but still live at home…. Continue reading »

Expertise Microsoft Power BI, Text Mining

Industry Healthcare

Thanks to Xomnia we are able to retrieve strategic information out of unstructured data visualized in an easy-to-use dashboard. Great experience to work together!

Ellen Maat Directeur Strategie Kwaliteit & Innovatie

RapidMiner training and on-site support

DBM is a Belgium company specialized in humanizing data. They help organizations to build meaningful relationships with their… Continue reading »

Services RapidMiner

Expertise Machine learning & Predictive modelling, RapidMiner

Industry Marketing & Advertising

What I appreciated so much in the collaboration with Xomnia?
Their open mindedness and support in finding the right way to collaborate and answer our needs. The expertise on the usage of Rapidminer and the hands-on approach.
Our collaboration feels like a partnership much more than a ‘supplier-relation’, and for us, DBM, the human fit is very important in doing ‘business’ together

Claudine Knop CEO

Almere Understand and test-drive the possibilities of big data

One of the challenges the Municipality of Almere faces, is how to provide her citizens with integrated social… Continue reading »

Services Big Data Fundamentals program

Expertise Data Science

Industry Government

Xomnia’s Big Data Fundamentals has helped us to understand and test-drive the possibilities of big data for the Municipality of Almere. During an intensive three days course, we learned in both theory and practice how to apply big data in the social domain.

Mathijs Tuynman Research Project Manager

Content landing page text mining

eFaqt is a portal on which students can study their textbooks with speedlearning techniques such as mind mapping,… Continue reading »

Services Big data consultancy project

Expertise Deployment service, Text Mining

Industry Publisher

Xomnia succesfully delivered our vision on how to make our content even more accessible in a tailor made text mining solution. Thanks for helping us out!

Christiaan Henny Founder

API Prediction Models – House Price Prediction and Credit Risk Analysis

Consumatrix is a provider of financial consumer data & predictive models and transforms data from open sources, surveys,… Continue reading »

Expertise Deployment service, Machine learning & Predictive modelling

Industry Finance, Real Estate

The flexibility of Xomnia has been a great advantage in the development and maintenance of our prediction models. The team knows how to adapt to a changing environment and integrate new gained insights in a flexible way.

Luke Liplijn Founder & CEO