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Sharing knowledge on data visualization, databases and SQL in a training program

Big Data Training, QlikView & QlikSense, Retail

BrandLoyalty is the global leader in data-driven loyalty solutions. Xomnia has shared its knowledge on data visualization, databases… Continue reading »

Consolidating financial reports & sharing knowledge

QlikView & QlikSense, Sports

Janssen & Fritsen has a focus on physical education. Their quality is well-known, also beyond the domestic borders…. Continue reading »

Survey, sentiment and text analysis to understand neighbourhoods

Big data consultancy project, Publisher, QlikView & QlikSense, Text Mining

The Persgroup (Newspaper Algemeen Dagblad) started a research to discover how Dutch citizens thing about important topics such… Continue reading »

Law enforcement optimisation

Big data consultancy project, Government, Machine learning & Predictive modelling, QlikView & QlikSense

For the municipality of Amsterdam, Xomnia built a user friendly dashboard to optimise law enforcement. Xomnia harvested data… Continue reading »

Always ahead of trends: 350 Social Media pages in one dashboard

Big data consultancy project, Publisher, QlikView & QlikSense, Text Mining

Xomnia has built a dashboard to provide a dynamic actionable overview of Wegener’s social media page portfolio. This… Continue reading »

Data Driven Soccer Training & Player Selection

Big data consultancy project, QlikView & QlikSense, Sports

Vitesse is a Dutch football team competing on a national level. In order to select only the best… Continue reading »