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Data Scientist

Data Scientist

We’re looking for a social and technical (medior/senior) Data Scientist who has experience with Computer Vision and Text Mining. Are you interested in working for a Big Data Start-up with a team of around a dozen of Data Scientists? Then our company might be for you!

The position

As a Data Scientist within Xomnia you will be responsible for one or multiple projects for different and diverse clients. You will also share your expert knowledge during our training sessions and when guiding our trainees. You won’t be doing this alone! You will have a strong team by your side.

Because of the activities you will be performing, it is important that you also enjoy daily interaction with your colleagues, clients, partners and other stakeholders. You will have a medior /senior Data Scientist position within Xomnia. Experience is therefore very important. Just graduated? Our Data Science Traineeship might be better suited. Most Data Scientists (MSc of PhD) within Xomnia have an Artificial Intelligence background and know their way around R, Python and Rapidminer. If you have similar experience but within a different education or toolkit, we are also very interested in getting in touch!

About Xomnia

Xomnia is a big data analytics firm based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are experts in data science, big data engineering and advanced business intelligence. Our services include: big data consultancy & projects, big data training and big data traineeships. We’d love to share our big data knowledge with you, please get in touch. Xomnia serves a wide variety of clients, both (semi-)governmental and corporate, in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

We have been growing pretty rapidly since our start in 2013, the team of experts is currently over 40 FTE in size.  Our company is located at a unique and cosy location in the city centre of Amsterdam.

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