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Big Data Engineer Traineeship

Hadoop, Linux, UML and Data warehouses. Are you familiar with these terms and understand them? Do you have experience with programming in multiple languages? Do you want to learn how to analyse enormous amounts of data? Keep on reading to find out how you can become a real Big Data Engineer with the Xomnia Big Data Engineer Traineeship

With a computer science related MSc or PhD and programming skills, you are looking for the perfect opportunity to dive into different Big Data Engineer techniques and – tools. In practice, we often see projects not leaving the experimental pilot phase, often caused by a lack of a proper data infrastructure. As a big data engineer you combine software development principles and big data technologies to create robust solutions that create value for the organisation, and support experimentation by data scientists. Xomnia offers you a big data engineer traineeship which will give your career as a Big Data Engineer a boost. This is your chance to bring your knowledge into practice.

The Big Data Engineer traineeship will enable you to:

  • Design, build and maintain a Big Data infrastructure enabling data analysis, machine learning and IoT projects of your organisation
  • Support organisations in getting the right data and getting more value out of their ’Big Data’
  • Support Data Scientists by helping them with automation, infrastructure and data issues
  • Support business users in providing the backbone for their dashboards, providing them valuable insights
  • Become an expert in this cutting edge field yourself within a year

During the traineeship you will:

  • Attend high technical training sessions at Xomnia HQ once a week with the other trainees
  • Learn to work with different tools such as Spark, Hadoop, Scala, Apache NiFi.
  • Get acquainted with the Xomnia Big Data approach
  • Have your own senior Xomnia Big Data Engineers to brainstorm with and learn from

Who is Xomnia?

We enable our clients to leverage data to gain business value. Xomnia serves a wide variety of clients, both (semi-)governmental and corporate, in the Netherlands as well as abroad. We are experts in data science, Big Data Engineering and advanced business intelligence. Our services include: big data consultancy & projects, big data training and the big data traineeships. Last but not least our company is located at a unique and cosy location in the city centre of Amsterdam. Oh and we have a boat.. Every Friday afternoon we have drinks in our office and in the summer on our boat.

Would you like to know more?

Do you want to be part of the first Big Data Engineer trainees? Please get in touch with Pieter Boon, or +31651565819.

‘We’d love to share our Big Data knowledge with you!’

Xomnia Team